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Bench-Pro Valve Spring Tester

At Buxton Engineering we are proud to introduce our new Bench-Pro series valve spring testers. We collaborated with several top engine builders for their input on what aspects would make a better tester and after 2 years of development here it is. Don't even think about buying another tester until you check out one of these units.  Click on the Faq link at the bottom to see in detail some of the differences.


Bench Pro Valve Spring Tester
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0.5 % Full scale accuracy.

Mechanical advantage increases as spring is compressed.

Replaceable needle, roller and rulon bearings on all friction points providing smooth operation and long life.

Maintains .002" parallelism with 1000 lb. load.

Converts easily for left hand use.

300x1, 600x2, 1000x5 lb models available.

CNC machined from billet 6061-T6.

Compact modular design.

Complete with dial indicator.


We also offer the Bench-Pro valve spring testers with digital instrumentation with up to .10% full scale accuracy and 1 lb. resolution. Call for details.



If it's good enough for 5 time NHRA Pro-Stock champion Warren Johnson, you know it's got to be the best.

Warren Johnson




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